Proposed General Propulsion Procedure & Operation of Gas Turbine  / APU Electric Drive
Option # 1 Running twin Gas Turbine producing >5,800 total Hp.,  Estimated Speed 50+ knots for high speed interdiction, higher speeds mean extended  “Cone of Interdiction” coverage area.
Option # 2  Running a  relatively small auxiliary fuel efficient (18.2 Gal. / Hr.) Gas Turbine electric generator ( 335 Hp.) directly running two efficient electric motors for low speed patrol and low fuel conservation, Estimated speed 10-13 knots.
Option # 3  Running Single gas turbine producing 2,921 total Hp.,  Est. Speed 35+ knots;
for medium speed and lower fuel consumption. 
As the single engine propeller operation of the EML “Hydro-Multi-Lift”  hull form does not push against the keel of the vessel, the vessel steering is not effected as in Deep V hull forms,  thus the water entering the propeller area is clear of turbulent backwash from the keel.   
The EML “Hydro-Multi-Lift”  hull design is on plane quickly and efficiently,  conserving fuel for longer range and extended cone of interdiction coverage.                          

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