An efficient interceptor must be capable of high speed  --------------------------- 

with the ability to cover large amounts of ocean, and to safely operate in rough sea and associated wind conditions.  The general mission of the PI-65 interceptor

is to provide the operational commander a capability to persistently patrol for extended periods of time (5-6 days) without refueling, in shallow littoral areas of less than 5’ and beyond sheltered harbors and bays, and into less sheltered open water out to and past the Departure Sea Area (DSA) and if required, to operate in “Beaufort 10” sea and wind conditions; the illustration above shows a comparison of a 30 knot interceptor verses a 40 knot interceptor.  Assuming intercept target vessel has a speed of 20 knots and the desired time intercept of target is no longer than one hour, the maximum relative speed a 30 knot interceptor can obtain on a intercept target going 20 knots is 50 knots when the intercept target and the interceptor are heading directly at each other. The worst case scenario for the interceptor is to be in a tail chase 10 nautical miles astern of the target.  A “Cone of Interdiction” is created as above, where a intercept target can be relative to a 30 knot and a 40 knot interceptor and still be within range within one hour. The “Cone of Interdiction” for the above is a circle with a radius of 30 NM and 40NM,

the maximum one hour coverage for a 30 knot interceptor is 2,830 square miles and

with the PI-65 intercept speed of 40 knots the area is increased to 5,025 square miles.

In development at EML is Gas-Turbine / Electric engine power, which would give  the PI-65 an estimated flank speed of 50+ knots, with an extended “Cone of Interdiction” coverage area of 7,850 square miles. At low speeds the vessel will be propelled by fuel efficient Gas Turbine / APU generators, directly supplying power to electric propulsion motors for low /cruising / patrol speed, hydraulic and electrical services.

Since fewer high speed vessels are needed to respond to intercepts, patrol, and emergency-response tasks, our high speed ocean going PI-65  Patrol / Interdiction / Surveillance vessels are the ideal low cost solution for modern Naval applications.

(2.830 Square Mile Coverage)








20 Knot Relative Speed



(5,025 Square Mile Coverage)

PI-65 Interceptor Speed @ 40 Knots

Radius Approximately 40 NM

Radius Approximately 30 NM

PI-65 Interceptor Speed @ 30 Knots

Speed of Targets:  20 Knots

      (All Heading South)